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Test. Test Again.

Problem Number 1

Je m’accuse. I just realised a rookie error, so I fixed it. When I conceived of an online host for my professionally-oriented podcasts and companion blog a few months ago, I reserved a domain name: BarcVox. It wasn’t within my first dozen choices. A play on Business Architecture, I felt like it would work. I found a wolf image, the howl standing proxy for the cognate bark of a dog.

Next, I opened a WordPress site. A quick scan of the design themes, I felt Podcast was just the thing. Responsive design and all. Then I created content, and promoted it. This was a Minimal Viable Product if there ever was one.

So, what’s the error? I am not a big mobile user. Rather, I prefer large glass formats. Besides, I don’t need to be very mobile in the midst of COVID-19. So I don’t get out much. Except for today. 

Today, I was checking out my own site whilst waiting for someone to run some errands. To me horror, I could read my posts, but any lists of posts were hidden. This meant that my home page contained no information and barely passable navigation. Yikes! The good news is that posts linked directly were accessible, but once there a view couldn’t view related content.

Meantime, I’ve installed and tested a new mobile-friendly template.

Problem Number 2

Since the start, I’ve been embedding Spotify versions of each post, but they’ve lately been misbehaving. First, the ability to play in place (without leaving the page) stopped. Readers could still click out to Spotify or Follow my account, but clicking the play button did nothing.

After updating the template, clicking the play button no longer did nothing. Now, it hid the player and then did nothing. My quick fix of this was to remove the player and insert a Listen on Spotify button on each post, linking to the relevant podcast.

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